How Everything Works

Placing Bets

➀  Register to activate account

➁  Login and view profile

➂  Deposit crypto for credits

➃  Search or create bets

Betting Rules

⋈  Customize bet for any event

⋈  Binary* bets with end date

⋈  Mark when you lose or win

⋈  We arbitrate and resolve ties

⋈  Honesty increases rating**

⋈  Payout fee*** for wins

Crypto Wallet

♢  Deposit crypto into wallet

♢  Buy credits to place bets

♢  Sell credits to get crypto

♢  Withdraw crypto from wallet

Secure Dealing

☆  Peer-to-peer binary betting

☆  Anonymous and user-friendly

☆  256-bit end-to-end encryption

☆  Honor-based rating system

☆  False claim bet arbitration